red has performed sporadically through the years in a variety of venues and with a rotating assemblage of musicians.

Featured Players

  1. -Patty Balbo

  2. -Rich Kurtz

  3. -Danny Eyer

  4. -Ken Joniec

  5. -Michael Maiorano

  6. -Dave Maerz

  7. -Jeff Seykot


Hard Rock Cafe

Trump Marina “the Deck”

T.J. Martin’s

various radio appearances

Live Audio

-  Steve Gietka

-  Blair Harris

  1. -  Pete Maslanik

  2. -  Jim Powers

  3. -  Joe White


  red is a musical effort revolving around a core of Andy Schlee and Bob Kimmel. Songs are written, performed and recorded by the core who then decide if they are pleased with the result. If the music is deemed worthy, it is introduced to a larger group of musical acquaintances for expansion and interpretation.

  This process has resulted in two albums: 2002’s “Nothing Means Anything” and now, in 2012, “Broken Earth”. Featured players include: Patty Balbo, Rich Kurtz, Tom Hensler, Dave Maerz, Andy Lalasis,  & Patric Schlee.


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