a collection of interludes, song fragments, and cover versions that were excluded from broken earth for one reason or another. right-click on any to download 320kbs Mp3 file.

A cover of Tears For Fears’ Mad World.

“a false memory” - an abandoned interlude between angelwhore and my amnesia.

“little bang” - original opening track for Broken Earth

“one after eight” - it’s nine then, isn’t it?

“dirty bomb” - tick tick tick

“my amnesia - demo “ original version of  this song now found in a quite different version on Broken Earth

all songs copyright 2012 Verse Chorus Verse Music

“sun shines anyway” - song fragment constructed almost entirely from Apple Loops

“merge” - when two songs become one (ca. 1997)

“insurrection” - (ca.1997)  featuring Bob Kimmel - drums & Patty Balbo - vocals

“bloody murder” - they’re coming